Preparing for an Audit: Why Legal Advice is Necessary

There are very few appointments that are more intimidating than an IRS audit. Over the years, the IRS has built a reputation of being a very formidable foe to the U.S. taxpayer. Even small mistakes can become big problems once late fees, interest charges and fines are added. Most people are aware of the very real risks they can face. IRS debt is not usually able to be discharged in bankruptcy, and if payments are not made on time, it can lead to garnished wages, frozen bank accounts and the loss of property.


Tax laws are complex. It is this complexity that often results in underpayments and incomplete paperwork. The fact that so many people are insecure about filing their taxes on their own proves that an audit should not be handled without help. An IRS audit lawyer should always be present to represent any taxpayers who are facing scrutiny by the IRS.

With their assistance, it is much easier for the taxpayer to get a favorable outcome. They can review all of the documents, look for mistakes the IRS may have made, and do everything in their power to make certain their client is treated fairly. If it is determined that additional taxes are owed, they can often negotiate with the IRS to reduce the amount and eliminate any fees or other charges.

An IRS audit attorney is a professional that is knowledgeable in tax lawyer and familiar with how government audits are performed. Their familiarity with the laws makes it easier for them to find additional credits the taxpayer may have missed. Often these discoveries can assist with lowering the debt and, in some instances, eliminate the debt entirely.

When someone has been notified that an IRS Audit is imminent, it may seem unappealing to consider spending money to hire a lawyer. However, in these types of cases it will almost always financially benefit the consumer to do so. Often, the amount of money they are able to save their client easily covers their fee.

Anyone that has received notice from the IRS of an audit should schedule a consultation with a tax lawyer as soon as possible. The law office will need time to gather and review tax documents prior to the audit, so do not wait until the last minute. Individuals and businesses that have already been audited and are currently paying on a large debt, should contact a lawyer as well. There may still be the opportunity to negotiate and lower the debt.


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